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commune 3d_edited_edited.jpg

The Paris Commune of 1871


This documentary film realized by Cécile Clairval-Milhaud with the texts and documents of that time

is one of the few that relate this important episode of our History.


Long-length film: 1h 18 min

English dubbed version

drancy DVD 3D  - copie.jpg

DRANCY, last stage before the abyss …


The camp of Drancy, located in a suburb of Paris, was the departure point for the deportation convoys of the Jews from France to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Maïdanek or Sobibor.


Special Mention of the Jury 

International Festival of History Films – Pessac - FRANCE

facade-pack 3d-darius.jpg


to the world


This film takes us from the Provence to Paris, from Rio de Janeiro to the States, in Israel and Jerusalem to discover Darius Milhaud’s life so that to understand his work.


Official selection at the FIFA (International Festival of Art Films) – Montréal – Canada

digipack set of 2  DVDs

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