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Drancy, Deancy dernière étape avant l'abime, abime


                 last stage before the abyss …


a film by Cécile Clairval-Milhaid


with the cooperation of Serge Klarsfeld

President of the association F.F.D.J.F. (Sons and Daughters

of the deported Jews from France)



Special Mention of the Jury

International Festival of History Films – Pessac (France)



World Films Festival – Montréal (Canada)

Jewish Film Festival - Jerusalem (Israël)

Northeastern University - Boston (USA)


From the opening, on August 1941, till the liberation on August 1944. the history of this camp is related by internees themselves.


Some 76 00 Jews were deported from France,

In 1945, there were less than 3 % survivors

They were sent mainly to Auschwitz-Birkenau,, within 9 969 children, immediately thrown into the gas chambers.


DVD PAL multizones : compatible with computer DVD reader

                                                         and tri-standard DVD player




* English Version sub-titled and dubbed


  • 6 extras features:

  • Questions to the director

Recorded in the Gradignan jail while the director discusses

with prisoners about the film

  • Discriminatory measures and bans

How the Vichy government managed to exclude the Jews from the society

  • Reactions and public opinion

The very few who protested and the solidarity of people

  • Preparation of the convoys

The terrible mechanic to organize the convoys and avoid protests

  • 60 years later at Drancy,

with Serge Klarsfeld and relatives of the deportees to commemorate

the departure of the deportation convoys.

  • 50 illustrated documents:

  • Other internment camps for Jews in France

  • Biographic notes on the German and French leaders

  • Recognition by France of its responsibility

  • The block before and after the Drancy camp


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 Drancy, last stage before the abyss ...

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