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La commune, La commune de Paris, La comme de 1871, La commune de Paris de 1871, Thiers, Bismark

The Paris Commune of 1871



 The Paris Commune resisted both the Prussians and the French government for 72 days.

It has since been known as a moment of heroic resistance to foreign conquest and domestic compromise, as well as being the first socialist experiment.


 With the images, stills and drawings of that time, the speeches, proclamations and testimonies of the 45 characters are played by professional actors. Poems and songs were specially performed for the film to evoke the atmosphere and feeling of this period.


 The English version, translated by Inez Hedges, was recorded by the director, Cécile Clairval-Milhaud at the studios of the Northeastern University in Boston (USA)


 DVD PAL multizone : compatible with computer DVD reader

                                                        and tri-standard DVD player



 - The Commune’s characters

36 designs by BERTALL on the Commune’s characters, famous or unknown

Song and barrel organ : RITON LA MANIVELLE


 - The Paris of the Commune

Paris today and the memories of the Commune


 - Women and the Commune

Interview of Claudine Rey, President of the association “Les Amis de la

Commune de Paris“ , with portraits of women during the Commune

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The Commune of Paris 1871


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