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Darius Milhaud, Darius Milhaud et sa musique, Provence, 443 opus, Steinval ,


from Provence to the world                                                       



  Traveling from the French Provence to California in the United States, where he took refuge during WWII, director Cécile Clairval-Milhaud returns to the places where the composer lived and worked, in a narrative that traverses the 20th century.


The director has interviewed Milhaud’s wife and collaborator Madeleine and his son Daniel, as well as former students and music experts. She uncovers the traces of this unusual personality from Rio de Janeiro (where he served as Cultural Attaché to the French Embassador Paul Claudel), to the United States (New York and Mills College near San Francisco, where he lived in exile with his family and was a composition professor for many years); and to Israël and Jerusalem where he traveled with his friend and writer Armand Lunel to prepare the great opera, “David.”


DVD multizone NTSC - HD 16/9e


The French documentary comes out in a set of 2 DVDs, with the English, German and Portuguese versions of the film, and seven “bonus” :


DVD 1 : 3 documentaries, namely

  • Madeleine Milhaud tells … ,

a century of memories,

  • Darius Milhaud by William Bolcom

the famous American composer

  • Le Logis du Bras d’Or

the family house in Aix-en-Provence


DVD 2 : 4 musical bonus :

  • Darius Milhaud and Brazil

with the musicologist Manoel Corrêa do Lago

and a great Choro orchestra conducted by Mauricio Carrilho

  • La cheminée du Roi René

by the wind quintet of the Berliner Philarmoniker

  • 1st string quartet

by Eclipse Quartet from Los Angeles

  • 18th string quartet

by Eclipse Quartet from Los Angeles

 To buy the DVD

In the States, on

Darius Milhaud and his Music from Provence to the World

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